3DS SD AceKardNintendo 3DS has a built in memory for storing downloaded content : 3DSWare games and compatible older DSiWare games. Media files (Music, Video & Images) can be downloaded and stored on the 3DS SD and SDHC cards. R4 N3DS Flash Card Adapters »

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Users can not save or move 3DSware / DSiWare to the SD cards unless hey use one of the 3rd party Flash Card adapters that plug into the 3DS R4 R4i games3DS Game Card slot and hold files on a microSD or microSDHC flash memory card. Micro cards can be used in SD card slot via a simple adapter sold in any store, but for use in 3DS (or NDS, DS Lite or DSi XL) Game Card slot you will need a backup device similar to R4, AceKard, R4i, SuperCard, G6, CycloDS or M3.

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The homebrew applications as well as games that were intended for the DSi as well as the DS can also be run on 3DS through its DS mode. However, it would only be able to run on the native mode of the 3DS, it is important that the 3DS is already unlocked and should be hacked already as well. There are now new systems that have been implemented by Nintendo in order to lock out the developers who have not been able to pay up their licensing fees. This is also primarily conducted in order to prevent pirates from playing the backups of the 3DS rom on a console.

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