Resident Evil: Revelations

Resident Evil: Revelations Box ArtMy first action potential Resident Evil: Apocalypse was simple and nostalgic: the tank is empty? Well, it seems as if something was in the water - at least that's what the text box before the question that I had said. "EFE that!" I thought wisdom. "We empty the son of a bitch is." And drained the dirty bathtub filled with liquid.

And lo and behold, he found a screwdriver. Only a screwdriver, unscrew the lid had one, so it could solve a mini-game, and finally open the door! Is it me, or he suddenly feels strangely like 1997?

Resident Evil: Revelations Screenshot

My feelings about Resident Evil: Revelations is summarized succinctly in the above scenario. Jill Valentine Resident Evil 3DS led the other is a new attraction for a very old game world: the world of games like Resident Evil 1 and 2 It is an oasis filled with puzzles, ammunition management, archaic country, the gameplay in some of the old school RE fans can be filled is appealing, but I do not have a beating heart.

Resident Evil: Revelations Screenshot

My hands on the demo RE: Revelations open with Jill Valentine stuck in a room. She had a Beretta and a willingness to explore, but not much further. Not even a melee attack, but it is possible that it will some time, Capcom, "we're not talking about that" for now.

Resident Evil: Revelations Screenshot

Having taken the driver into the tub, I explored the bathroom a little more, then the next room where I found a plate with four screws. Using the touch screen, I turned my face every screw and headaches at the silicon level for beginners. After a while I walked through the door and stepped into a hallway.

Resident Evil: Revelations Screenshot

Instead of a regular ol 'Resident Evil zombie jumped a humanoid creature Cthulhu the lower floor of a library on the fly. Downloading a handful of bullets in his body disfigured by little, how slow it down so he turned and ran with a 180 before he quickly some in his head. When Alex Mack before the creature has quickly become a pile of mud on the floor - a notice for the age group Apocalypse.

Resident Evil: Revelations Screenshot

I have done all these things at a standstill. No problem in the Apocalypse, or fast charge time shoot. Not that you have enough bullets for reloading anyway, because a very limited number (at least in my demo) have meant that the aim carefully and know when they are executed. How are you beautiful properties can be for some players, I found more and more frustrated and do not fight melee Moreso archaic. It was also noted that updates to games like Resident Evil 4 not in combat, such as shooting members.

Worse still, is the target of holding down a button on the shoulder, pointing the analog stick and fire with a button on the face, which found the dreaded "claw" problem in many shooters in the DS. My hand does not accept or injured during the protest by all means, but 3DS owners who are in the old school Resident Evil, you should probably invest in a stand for your laptop.

Adding a scanner on the question has a bit of an idea of ​​how they cruise the local manifestations, the resolution of the mission-style Samus Aran to explore obviously. It was hard to enjoy this all because of the novelty tank stilts I walk around round tables.

3DS R4 cartridge

I do not like the time I spent with the Apocalypse, but I can respect that Capcom is doing here. This is a measure of how imperfect tribute to an earlier time in Resident Evil for a new generation of handheld, and it is very clean. I have no doubt that the company to meet your expectations, do not think it meant for everyone.