Tales of the Abyss

Tales of the Abyss Box ArtSpeaking of Japanese RPG in Europe tends to be of big names on hand, the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest are dominated. It is no surprise, as many many others, rarely - if ever - to do in relation to European shores.

Namco Bandai Tales is a series of such, with up to 27 games and spin-offs clocked, not to mention the four animated television, so that much of a dent in the consciousness of European football. This may partly be the title - is paste "Tales of" before a game is a fairly common practice that the joints difficult for people who do not already facilitated dive into the series.

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Tales of the Abyss was the eighth game of the series, when he appeared on the PlayStation 2, and his arrival here marked his debut in 3DS, reach not only in Europe but also the first pure-bred JRPG for the new Nintendo portable. With Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest in the fight missing is a good opportunity for this venerable competitors to steal some Western fans.

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This is a well-deserved chance, and Tales of the Abyss is a compelling example of its kind, the form with sufficient frequency provided to the surprise of different maintained.

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To begin, however, like all the stereotypes. Luke is our hero and, yes, a hot-tempered teenager with a secret destination, and a secret from his past by amnesia is covered. The world is somewhere between the Renaissance brand and steampunk science fiction thrown. The hair is dyed bright and defies gravity, regardless of gender. And, inevitably, there are many good things about the animals with magical powers.

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This is a complete set of their own tradition seriously, and proof that something unpleasant assumption that the part of many JRPGs: that you do enough for many names, places and events that are triggered in order to remain rattling melodrama plot of one to another. This is a game where the characters of the explosion of things like "art daathic sound" without the trouble to explain what it really means. They take it as you go, or raise your hand and walk out the confusion.

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It is therefore not have a game that someone from the Japanese RPG design will convince impressed, but found their roots, Tales of the Abyss at least find new ways to develop its branches.

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The tempo is high, at least compared to the competition series. Were infested in the first half hour of play of the entire inaugural address, gave a crash course in combat and gives you the opportunity to explore freely the first world map. Not much to see at first, but gives the game an open mind that most of his colleagues to stop until you had access to a magical train or ship, which have in the second act.

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In a genre where it has become customary jam players a lot of deleted scenes and text boxes, white, Tales of the Abyss, when to shut up and let you decide how much background you want. After the most important events in the situation, "sketches" to see - short scenes of the deepest motivations of the conversation, history and emotions that would otherwise stand in the way of adventure. I do not want additional details?Then just keep going and ignore.

The fight is also exempt from conventions. No battle turns here, as you fight enemies in real time, with one side of the base in the fight against the gameplay (yes, it has a serious Official name: FLEX Linear Motion Battle System) to reduce with you to block, dodge and stop at the arcade speed. They are locked in a street fight style horizontal plane, while the fight, but you can run free and leave the battlefield with an early opening of the, while his teammates in the chip and help to varying degrees of autonomy.

This is a refreshing change from the norm, even if a little dull in execution. The PS2 was prone to button mashing, the worse by the reaction of a button sticky bit on the 3DS. The special attacks as "art" can be obtained and associated keys, and various combinations of wood, while dozens of features and passive skills can be activated if necessary.

More profound changes are in the game, including elementary "FON" powers that collect the most commonly used - but it can not go out the game, discover and understand these details for you. On-screen menus, are minimal and do little full of intricate details to anyone who is not already to attract well-versed in the traditional JRPG.

If the game becomes more complex as it progresses, it is also interesting. Characters can slot perfectly into the holes of archetypes, but they are well written and performed convincingly with a generous amount of English dubbing. Lucas, in particular, proved to be one of the most intriguing heroes of the genre's golden boy with his progress a hero worthy of organic pleasure.

Therefore, at least in Tales of the Abyss a solid JRPG and sometimes very clever with her long-awaited debut for European gamers. 3DS, of course, adds 3D and the result is not strictly necessary, but certainly attractive. The game has beautiful architecture and a variety of environments and the 3D effect is implemented so well that you would swear it was designed for it six years ago. Is there anything useful in the fight, because it's a little easier is to pursue a number of enemies and see if they are in range.

If the 3D enables the game is downwardly into the dialogue scenes only text. Balloons floating in the "front" on the screen, rather than the level that the character, which means that you try your eyes to focus simultaneously in two places speaks. The result is disturbing and annoying, and took me to change with time to enjoy this 3D parts.

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Unrivaled on the platform, Tales of the Abyss does not necessarily have to be spectacular to stand out - but even with heavy weights JRPG their inevitable deviations 3D, charming and funny series from Namco make the service continues to bother to play.